Glass Ceramic Grill Plates

Medium ceramic plate

These Glass Ceramic Grill Plates are perfect for cooking a wide variety of foods, such as sandwiches, vegetables, meat, fish. And thanks to the glass ceramic, you'll benefit from extremely quick cooking times, increased hygiene, and energy saving efficiency. All of these elements make the Alpina contact grills and fry tops ideal and indispensable instruments to cook with.

Fast Grill System

The greatest benefit of the Glass Ceramic Grill Plates is the Fast Grill System. This is made up of infrared rays which penetrate the heart of the food and ensure a fast, but thoroughly cooked meal.

The Fast Grill System allows for two different forms of cooking: cooking/heating by contact and cooking/heating by infrared rays.

1. Cooking by Contact

The heating element is placed on the bottom of a fully insulated box. Its position inside the box allows for the same temperature both in the centre, and on the perimeter of the cooking surface. The element heats the glass ceramic plate, subsequently creating a heat zone. The cooking surface is then evenly heated in a short space of time, and the food is evenly cooked on the surface of contact.

2. Cooking by Infrared Rays

The heating element has a temperature of 800 °C. This allows the emission of infrared rays, which penetrate the very heart of the food being cooked, ensuring fast and thorough cooking times.

Technical features :
 Length x Depth x Height (mm)Usable cooking area (mm)Power (Watt)Weight (kg)
Medium ceramic plate425 x 370 x 110335 x 28015007.5
Large ceramic plate600 x 370 x 110510 x 280370010.5