Electric Grills EcoGrill

Ecogrill 8C 1200

The EcoGrill is a professional electric grill, unique in the world market. It has a revolutionary heating system with integrated heaters.

The heaters are installed in the stainless steel pipes. They provide maximum energy efficiency and makes cooking uniform. After reaching a desired temperature, the thermostat automatically starts to turn off/on the heaters and saves of energy.

Refined workmanship, functional and with elegant design, the EcoGrills are easy to install and use. It is completely made of stainless steel with innovative design solutions.

Practical features and benefits:

Easy to use  

  • The heating surface is suitable to different needs and requirements of users
  • The heaters are installed in prochrome pipes which provide maximum energy efficiency and uniformity of cooking food.
  • The heaters are installed in the heating grates and have a power from 3,3 to 10,8 kw
  • All heaters have a thermostat to control the temperature (50-320°C)
  • After reaching the desired temperature, the thermostat will automatically turn off and turns on when needed, which results in energy saving.
  • Below the heating grid there is a fat tray installed.

Easy cleaning

Thanks to design solutions, the EcoGrill is extremely easy to clean. The fat which comes during the cooking, is collected on a fat tray which slides out.


The food is ready very quickly - a temperature of 200°C is reached after 4 minutes. In about 60 minutes it is possible to grill about 6kg of meat on a small model of 320 x 400mm?

Environmental friendly

98% of the materials used for manufacturing of the EcoGrill can be recycled.

Energy efficiënt - heating elements are built into the griddles for maximum heat, and reduced heat loss.

Reliable and durable

Made of premium stainless steel, with functional design solutions and quality heaters, the EcoGrill is a reliable permanent solution for all professionals.


Technical features :
ModelDimensions (cm)Grill surface (cm)Power (kW)Grill Capacity (kg meat/h)Voltage /fase / HzHeating time 0-200°C (min)Weight (kg)
HOME27 x 55 x 1525 x 402.44230V / 1N / 5058.5
EG 6C 40040 x 60 x 1540 x 403.66230 V / 1N / 50513
EG 7C 40040 x 70 x 1540 x 504.57.5400 V / 3N / 50515.5
EG 8C 40040 x 80 x 1540 x 605.49400 V / 3N / 50518
EG 6C 80080 x 60 x 1580 x 407.212400 V / 3N / 50522
EG 7C 80080 x 70 x 1580 x 50915400 V / 3N / 50526
EG 8C 80080 x 80 x 1580 x 6010.818400 V / 3N / 50530
EG 6C 1200120 x 60 x 15120 x 4010.818400 V / 3N / 50537
EG 7C 1200120 x 70 15120 x 5013.522.5400 V / 3N / 50544
EG 8C 1200120 x 80 15120 x 6016.227400 V / 3N / 50551